With over 5 years of experience and an extensive understanding of the gambling industry’s intricacies, Vlad George Nita is a highly skilled author and project manager. Vlad holds his Master’s Degree in Business Management, and the knowledge derived from the higher-degree education courses is ingrained in his methods of working and perfecting his skills.

Camelia is a passionate casino expert and language enthusiast, keen on bringing a fresh view to the online casino community. Her expertise in the gambling industry helps Camelia provide objective and valuable information to New Zealand players ensuring that they make smart financial decisions.

Our editorial team is composed of experienced professionals who are knowledgeable and passionate about the gambling industry. Our team is responsible for reviewing and editing all content published on our website.

Let us introduce you to Ionut Catalin Marin, the leader of  OnlineCasinos365. His professionalism is the main guiding asset in our work, so explore his extensive perspective on the industry.

About Our Authors

Our team has been active for over five years, bringing in-depth expertise and analyses of the market of online casinos in New Zealand. Each participant in our chain of research and content redaction brings one’s particular expertise and thus adds value to the final product.

Our shared principles and goal of properly informing and helping the New Zealand gambler unite our diverse group of experts.

Author Highlights

  • Online gambling research experience and data analysis of the market for more than 5 years;
  • The Editorial Team is led by Ionut Catalin Marin, OnlineCasinos365’s CEO and founder;
  • Vlad George Nita is the QA manager and he is directly responsible for verifying the accuracy of our casino reviews and bonus descriptions;
  • Each author brings their area of expertise and different perspective;
  • Rich educational background starting from Business Management, Business Communication Master to Psychology and Political Science
  • Strong ability to understand and adequately convey important information and technical terms in language that is easy for New Zealand players to understand

Our Team’s Experience


Our authors have experience in doing comprehensive research and analysis in the gambling market. We investigate many aspects of the gambling sector to generate knowledgeable content according to your needs.

Casino reviews

Our team thoroughly evaluates casino sites, rating and testing elements such as game selection, user experience, security, payment options, and customer support. Our reviews offer insightful information to New Zealand players ensuring they have all the data at hand for making a smart decision.

Educational resources

Our experience and expertise in the gambling sector allow us to create educational guides whether we talk about understanding how different casino games work, how to use responsible gambling tools or how to have a smooth experience at online casinos.

Industry standards

Our team continuously analyzes legislative developments, industry advances and new technology to be up to date with all important aspects that can affect you.

Why Trust Our Authors?

All our collaborators, from content writers and redactors to publishers and platform administrators, must follow a clear and strict publishing ethical code devised by our founder and Editorial Team manager, Ionut Catalin Marin:

  • Independence: OnlineCasinos365’s mission is to inform and provide help to New Zealand readers. For this reason, we uphold our objectivity and independence from tertiary market agents and their interests. Any contributor similarly adheres to such guidelines, and we cannot agree to collaborate with representatives of secondary market agents and their interests.
  • Accurate reviews: Our mission of informing readers requires us to provide accurate data in our casino reviews, as well as secondary content. Our review procedure guarantees the reliability of our data and observations.
  • Editorial policy: Our stated editorial policy and principles provide an overview of the guidelines that dictate our practices, as well as the principles that animate us. Whether you wish to consult our content as a consumer or aim to participate in our activities, we advise you to get acquainted with it.

Our Authors’ Purpose

  • Educate & inform: We want to give our New Zealand gamblers useful knowledge. Our goal is to keep you updated and educated in various subjects.
  • Add value to information: We work hard to improve the information we present on our site. Our objective is to deliver information in a meaningful and practical manner that goes beyond what is seen at first sight.
  • Complete transparency in communication: We value transparency and honesty, and we do our best to provide dependable and accurate information. We are committed to complete transparency in the information we present you.
  • Be your trusted source: We place a high value on providing well-researched content, credibility and fairness. Our goal is to become a reliable source of information for our NZ players.

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