Privacy Policy


Our team at OnlineCasinos365 is committed to protecting the personal information and provided data of the readers accessing our materials.

Our published privacy policy stands as proof of the protection of collected data and highlights the practices that ensure it.

What Personal Information We Collect

Users’ personal information, such as their name, address, email address, and payment information, may be collected.

The process is completed via standard and widely-used methods, such as registration forms, optional cookies, and third-party sources.

The intent of data collection

This information is used to improve the user experience and to deliver our services. By using our website and services, you agree that we may collect and use personal information about you in line with our privacy policies.

Limitations & due diligence

However, we do not collect any sensitive information related to our users, such as health details, race, religion, or other personal data, unless it is legally within the bounds of customer rights and is strictly required for providing the promised services. Nevertheless, no collection of data will occur without the user’s explicit consent.

All the data we gather on our consenting users is collected, kept, and processed according to the applicable laws and regulations, as per the dictates of our privacy policy.

How We Use Your Personal Information

Our platform only collects customer information in adherence with explicit and stated intents, such as supplying customer support or providing a service or transaction.

Where the data is used for marketing or research purposes, which may occur, but only in accordance with strict consent policies and fair use practices.

Note that, beyond internal protections, your information is kept under strict confidentiality and safeguarded from unauthorised access via security protocols, including high-end data encryption, firewall, data access control, audit logs, and regular security audits.

Cookies for better navigation

Regarding the data collected via cookies and the extent of its use, you can consult our cookie policy. You can also contact us for additional details.

Newsletter subscriptions

When voluntarily submitting a subscription request for our newsletter, we may store your IP and email addresses in order to provide this service.

Note that, due to the sensitive nature of the information, we will store it as strictly as possible, employing all the noted protocols for its protection from internal misuse and external interference.

Survey data

At times, we may request that our customers voluntarily participate in surveys for research and service betterment purposes.

The information you provide will remain anonymous and can be used only within the horizon described within the informational content related to the survey.

Site analytics

We may also utilise the information collected from users to complete surveys and website analytics.

These processes can only occur within the bounds of fair and justifiable use policies and have as an aim the improvement of provided services.

Third-Party Data Sharing

When we may share customer information with third parties, we may only do so within current legal bounds.

Thus, your data can only be outsourced to qualified third-party agencies, through legal procedures, according to your initial consent, and subject to change at all times.

The agents we may share customer data with include remote gambling operators, affiliates, and legally binding agencies, all of which have strict protections, data protection obligations and confidentiality agreements.

Your Privacy Rights

You have the right to access, change and delete your personal information at any time, subject to the availability of providing such details and services.

Our operators will provide the options of reviewing, altering, and destroying customer data within a reasonable timeframe within the bounds of our obligations.

The rights to access, alter and annul personal information are not subject to any charges, fees, or user-side expenses. Any previously consenting customer is entitled to such rights of access.

Right to consent to data processing

We are obliged to ask for permission to use personally provided data and can only utilise the collected information according to users’ consent.

Right to receive a copy of the data we process

You can request a copy of the entirety of the data our platform collects and utilises. Our agents will provide a copy of the full details in due time.

Right to review the data we process

Our users can consult and review the details related to the extent of our processing of their data, subject to provision according to information disclosure protocols.

Right to rectify and delete the data we have on you

Customers can opt out of their previously provided consent to access, hold, and process personal data.

You can place a request to alter the details you provided, as well as rectify the platform’s rights of access, which would lead to their deletion.

Data Retention

Our domain reserves the right to retain personal customer data for as long as our services require it, subject to user agreement policies.

However, once a user requests the correction or deletion of one’s information, retention will be voided, and no further customer-side actions will be necessary.

Protection Against Irresponsible Gambling

  • Our data privacy policy includes verification protocols for the age of users and measures to exclude minors from gambling.
  • Additionally, we use the provided information as a parental tool to limit ineligible persons’ access to gambling-related content.
  • Through collecting and processing user data, we uphold responsible gambling standards by excluding at-risk customers.
  • Third-party agencies can receive support in monitoring, assessing, and intervening in the case of potential problem play behaviours.
  • By checking accessible data on consenting customers, we can uphold self-exclusion policies and create a safer environment.

Following New Zealand’s Privacy Act 1993

The website is fully compliant with the applicable laws and regulations regarding data protection, such as the Privacy Act 1993 in New Zealand.

We take the security of our users’ personal information very seriously, and we have put in place robust safeguards to guarantee that all user data is collected, processed, and safeguarded in compliance with the law.

The New Zealand Privacy Act 1993 specifies principles for the management of personal information. It applies to both the public and commercial sectors, covers private information collection, storage, use, and disclosure, and allows individuals the right to access and amend their personal information. To secure users’ personal information, the website assures compliance with the Act.

Encryption & Data Security Measures

Once collected, your data is safeguarded by security methods such as advanced data encryption, a firewall, data access restriction, audit logs, and periodic security audits.

The aim and scope of these security measures are to protect the information customers provide to our platform and communicate via our domain. We additionally incentivize and require our users to maintain the same diligence with relevant data while utilising our services.

Updates to the Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to modify our privacy policy at any time as long as the alterations fall within the legal limits provided by the New Zealand Privacy Act.

Upon updates and modifications, we will notify consenting customers and request their confirmation of reading and agreeing to the new terms and conditions regarding data privacy.

Please ensure that you are acquainted with the latest version of our privacy policy and its relevant specifications for your information. We remind you that you can always retract your consent and renounce using our services.