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What you read on Online Casinos 365 is subject to the following publishing policy. Don’t take our well-worded content for granted! See our editorial principles explained by our founder and CEO, Ionut Catalin Marin.

Who Are We & Who Are We Addressing?

Onlinecasinos365 is a casino marketing brand owned by Dopamine Gaming Limited, which prides itself as the best casino aggregator in New Zealand. Our experts, led by Ionut Catalin Marin, work day and night to research, test and list the best casinos and sign-up bonuses for you.

We aim to provide 19+ NZ players with the most reliable and up-to-date casino reviews, bonus picks and play guides, all free of charge. Our target audience can rest assured as we’re fully transparent about our work.

7+ Combined Years of Experience in Online Gambling

We have been reviewing online casinos to an ever-increasing degree of proficiency for more than 7 years. Our casino reviews begin with founder and CEO Ionut Catalin Marin and his team analyzing the license, games, and company background.

Our expertise

Starting out in 2016 as regular pokies players just like our readers, we had fallen for many traps and scams. Each of us had played on sketchy platforms and lost money, so why not let you learn from our mistakes?

All our writers have experienced online gambling firsthand as players for extended periods, which qualifies them to review and recommend online casinos and bonuses. Our reviews thus enjoy the highest possible authenticity.

Our mission

Our goal is to help the New Zealand gambler choose their casinos more wisely.

We guide you toward your best online casino sessions by providing a database of legit and trustworthy operators. We also teach you the finer details of online gambling throughout our bonus reviews, guides and blog posts.

Our methods

  • In-depth casino research
  • Hands-on testing
  • Experience-based playing tips
  • Several review criteria
  • Individual casino ratings
  • Specific ratings for each review criteria
  • Expert casino verdicts
  • Bonus recommendations by player type

Advertiser Disclosure

In order to be able to provide you with high-quality and free information 24/7, Onlinecasinos365 operates an affiliate marketing program.

How we make money

As affiliates, we may receive monetary compensation from our partners when you register from our links.

Yet, the money we receive can not influence how we conduct our reviews. We take specific measures to counteract any form of conflict of interest:

  • Anonymous testing: the casino doesn’t know who reviews and when;
  • Empirical testing: legal, IT and QA departments participate in the review process, and Vlad George Nita personally confirms the accuracy of data we publish
  • Multi-stage review process: info quality reviewed by independent departments
  • Clear reasoning: instead of merely stating the casino terms, we interpret them logically
  • Regular updates: we monitor changes and update our ratings to reflect them

Ethical Publishing Standards

An overview of our publishing standards will let readers know exactly how Onlinecasinos365 maintains the quality and accuracy of its written content.


We are not owned by a casino company or casino group, nor are we structurally related to any of the casinos we endorse. Everything is written from our perspective, and our value judgments belong only to us.

Carefully selected casinos

We only recommend certain brands to the detriment of others.

This endorsement is solely determined by the quality of their products and services. We take care to advertise legit online casinos that meet our stringent review criteria.


Our writers take full responsibility for the views expressed on Still, the reader should take them with a grain of salt. We’re human, and our views are not infallible.

Sometimes factual errors or potentially misleading phrasing may slip through the cracks of our writers’ critical faculties. Our readers can rest assured that our editors will correct them as soon as detected.

Keep in mind that using our website means that you agree to its terms of use.

Fair reviews

We always present the benefits and drawbacks of joining a casino or claiming a bonus in our product reviews’ “Pros & Cons” section. Thus, we guarantee transparency and make it easier for you to understand the financial implications and added value of a sign-up bonus.


Reviews are conducted at a time unknown to the casino, so they cannot influence our evaluations. In order to ensure complete independence, we hide our IPs through the use of VPN software. Moreover, the operator is not aware of its ranking in any list we may include them.

It goes without saying that the reviewers must not relate to casino personnel in any form.

Empirical testing

Authors like Antonia Catana create anonymous player accounts to test the casino first-hand at every site we list. Reviewers use their real NZ details to sign-up and their accounts are verified with actual NZ phone numbers.

We also claim and use the available bonuses as a part of the review process. Reviewers must describe their playing experience accurately for each sub-rating.

Carefully selected authors

Our authors must be able to write in an user-friendly manner and simplify the Terms. Those who write for us must be familiar with the NZ gaming industry. They must prove the capacity to make valuable judgments related to online gaming.

The Casino Reviewer’s Responsibilities

  • Authors must present the information accurately.
  • Written content must not mislead NZ players in any form.
  • Articles must be 100% original and not plagiarized.
  • Observations and recommendations must be based on actual experience.
  • The content must be optimized for the New Zealand reader.
  • No casino review is posted without being approved by the editor-in-chief.

How We Evaluate Online Casinos

  1. During the research phase, our experts, led by our CEO Ionut Catalin Marin, analyze the operating company, gaming license and game audit reports.
  2. A casino expert like Alexandra Camelia Dedu or Antonia Catana interprets the Terms together with the affiliate team.
  3. The affiliate team gets into contact with a casino representative. Should our values coincide, we decide upon an endorsement deal.
  4. The author then begins the review by creating a player account and performing the relevant KYC checks.
  5. Then, they make a minimal real money deposit.
  6. At this stage, we might claim a bonus. How we evaluate bonuses is detailed below.
  7. We rate a casino’s entertainment value by playing several titles from the catalog, exploring the software providers, and taking note of its best-paying games. All this is presented in the Slots and Live Casino review sections.
  8. Testing and rating the Payout Speed is done by issuing a cashout request when eligible.
  9. Throughout the review, the author chats with Support to evaluate their ability to respond to player concerns.
  10. Initially, the Loyalty or VIP scheme is rated according to its Terms. We might update the rating when new details emerge.
  11. The QA manager, Vlad George Nita, personally checks the accuracy of the casino review content before publishing, and then the content goes to a final verification by Ionut Catalin Marin.

UX review on multiple devices

We gather our data for the Look & Feel review section by testing on multiple types of devices, prioritizing smartphones and tablets. The reviewer focuses on elements such as:

  • Loading speed
  • Navigation
  • Visual theme
  • Game performance
  • Design
  • Errors

Ranking Criteria for Online Casinos

Criteria Definition
Look & Feel Review of UX on different devices.
Payout Speed Test of cashout speed and payment methods.
Slots Overview of top-paying slots and providers.
Live Games Overview of live dealer types and providers.
Bonuses Analysis of bonus terms and promo policy.
Loyalty Analysis of loyalty perks and VIP levels.
Customer Service Test of customer service and contact ways.

How We Evaluate Casino Bonuses

Bonus terms review

Our experts choose the bonuses to recommend in the research phase, while studying the Bonus Policy. Data gathered during this phase allows us to compute the industry standard for New Zealand online casino bonuses.

Practical evaluation

If the Bonus Policy proves fair, the reviewer will claim any free sign-up bonuses available and use them to get a firsthand view over the casino. Should the platform provide a first deposit bonus that our experts deem fair, the reviewer will activate that, too.

Listing bonuses

We then include an offer in its proper category. Our listings by bonus type allow Kiwi players to find a suitable online casino more easily.

Exclusive deals

We may from time to time negotiate exclusive sign-up offers for our NZ players. You should rest assured that exclusive deals are not exempted from our evaluation process.

Ranking Criteria for Casino Bonuses

Criteria Definition
Minimum deposit Payment required to activate a bonus.
Match percentage How much % you get from your deposit.
Bonus value How much $ you get in bonus funds.
Extra perks Free spins, live chips or exclusive deals attached to a bonus.
Wagering requirements The number of times you have to wager the bonus before withdrawing.
Maximum cashout The maximum amount a player can withdraw after meeting the wager.
Eligible games Which games can be played with the offer.
Maximum bet with bonus Bet limit expressed in percentage or amount.

Contributors to a Casino Review


In our redaction, the author of the review and bonus reviewer are one and the same person.They start the review by claiming and using the sign-up bonus at the casino they have to review. Authors Alexandra Camelia Dedu and Antonia Catana claim and evaluates bonuses as part of the review process to provide accurate ratings.

Casino experts

Our most experienced reviewers occupy the expert position. One of their responsibilities is to provide the author with guidance where necessary. They also contribute to the rating process. Our most experienced casino expert and fact-checker is our CEO, Ionut Catalin Marin.

Affiliate team

Our affiliates have an important role in researching new platforms that we add to our database. They are the ones to first establish contact with the casino.

Legal department

Those of us with a background in legal studies make up this department. Their main task is to analyze company backgrounds, as well as the casino’s licensing and security features.

Editorial team

Here we include the editor-in-chief and subeditors, QA managers, and specialized authors. The QA manager, Vlad George Nita, will ensure the bonus review is accurate and will provide continuous feedback to the writer, keeping our content as relevant as possible.

Objective Research Methodology

Areas of research How we gather data Who is responsible
Online casinos and bonuses Factual data is obtained by real money deposits and gameplay. Author, affiliate team, casino experts
Bonuses We read and interpret the terms and conditions. Author, legal team, affiliate team
Local NZ industry standard We extract the average values from our database. Casino experts, editorial team, legal team, affiliate team
Safe licensing providers By studying the local gambling laws, we see how the different regulators  (MGA, UKGC etc.) meet their demands. Casino experts, legal team
Software providers We investigate payout reports while keeping up to date with innovations through networking and the press. Casino experts, editorial team, affiliate team
Odds reports Here, in-house statistics are our main data source. Author, casino experts
Gambling addiction We study the latest developments in the psychology of addiction and follow the activity of Responsible Gambling organizations. Casino experts, editorial team

Content Updated Regularly

NZ players rely on us to provide useful information. Reporting false or outdated data about online casinos and bonuses is the complete opposite of useful, as this industry is continually changing.  Moreover, it likely breaches our subscribers’ trust.

Thus, we have devised a fail-proof strategy to keep our review content evergreen, including but not limited to the following measures:

  1. Perform audits of each casino review monthly or when terms change.
  2. Re-test bonuses monthly or when terms change.
  3. Audit bonus review text monthly.
  4. Update our blog and guides on a bi-annually.
  5. Perform monthly edits of previous content to increase mobile-friendliness.

Data gathered from real-money gameplay comes directly from authors like Antonia Catana and Alexandra Camellia Dedu, our reviewers.

How to Use

Before claiming any bonus we endorse, it’s vital that you first read our Terms of Use to see if you fit with our target demographic.

Expert casino verdicts

Every casino review we produce gives you unique insights on how that casino works.Our verdicts highlight the best features of each casino and who can benefit from such features.

Scroll toward the bottom of our reviews to find our recommendations.

In-depth bonus reviews

For each bonus on this site, if you click on “More Info”, you’ll find that our authors, Camelia Dedu and Antonia Catana always bring:

  1. A clear explanation of how to claim the bonus and the key terms associated with it.
  2. A comparative Pros & Cons section.
  3. A verdict section to emphasize the best usage for a casino bonus and which type of player is best suited to claim.

Main bonuses we review

Compare feature

Use our comparison feature to obtain a detailed simultaneous overview over up to 3 online casinos. Set them head-to-head by our expert’s ratings, transaction limits, providers and more.  Use the instructions provided on the page.

Casino top filters

We have organized our casino database by the availability of certain features. We present the methodology for how we rank the different casino types on its respective page.

The best and latest NZ real money casinos

Provider filters

  • Microgaming casinos
  • NetEnt casinos
  • Playtech casinos


Informational pages


Prepare for your gaming sessions with our straightforward gambling guides, fact-checked by experienced gambler Ionut Catalin Marin. We provide strategy guides, game recommendations and more.


Our blog posts cover a wide range of topics including NZ gambling industry updates, original insights, data reports, odds interpretations and more.

Why You Can Trust Us

Onlinecasinos365 is a project aimed at turning our years of experience as gamblers and advertisers into the dependable source of information NZ players need.

Our content is original and our own, and we use various anti-plagiarism tools and strategies to ensure the fairness and accuracy of our reports. You can trust us not to trade your safety for marketing success, because your safety is our main concern.

We know our success as advertisers depends on the players’ satisfaction. But a casino player can only be satisfied when they’re playing in a secure environment.

Players from the UK, Spain and Romania already trust us

What proves our best is the level of trust we have already built with our subscribers from the UK, Spain and Romania:

  • Thousands of players from the UK have been satisfied with our service, having found top legit operators to play. It’s important to note UK gambling is subject to the UKGC, which is the most legally stringent regulator in the world.
  • We also raised the expectations of Spanish and Romanian players with our in-depth bonus reviews and guidelines on our new projects under the KingCasinoBonus framework umbrella, OnlineCasinos365 Spain and CazinoExpert Romania.

We’re well aware that our target demographic – New Zealand players – may differ from the typical UK, Spanish or Romanian subscriber, yet we have come to know that irrespective of country, security and legitimacy are what most require.

We only endorse legal casinos

Our extended casino review process is common to all the markets we serve. We employ a similar publishing policy for all our readers. We are equally relentless when it comes to the legal implications of online casinos.

The NZ Gambling Act was issued mainly for land-based operators and it does not properly account for online gambling, making scam casinos harder for players to detect. This is where our research intervenes.

Our vast experience with gambling laws worldwide give us the proper means to review and recommend legit real money casinos for NZ players.

Full Compliance with NZ Gambling Laws and Regulations

Onlinecasinos365 is fully compliant with the Gambling Act 2003, although we must maintain that part of our activity is beyond the scope of this law.

Main requirements of the Gambling Act

The Act makes clear reference to remote gambling as prohibited, which may raise suspicion that we’re operating illegally. No worries, though. Parts of the law fully support our points.

The main reasoning behind the apparent strictness of the NZ Gambling Act is protecting players from fraud. You are not protected by the NZ legal system if fraud occurs overseas, so the law recommends you to gamble only within NZ.

According to Section 9(2)(b) of the Gambling Act 2003, online gambling is only prohibited if it is conducted on a website based on New Zealand soil. But if you choose one of our global casino operators, you’re gambling on websites that are based overseas, so you’re not in breach of the law.

How we comply with NZ gambling law

NZ legislative requirement How we comply
Underage gambling is forbidden. We only address 19+ players, who are of the legal age to gamble in New Zealand. We also have age disclaimers throughout the site.
Gambling advertising must minimize harm. We only advertise for eligible players who would gamble online anyway.
Operators must facilitate responsible gambling. We provide in-depth reviews and playing guides.
Operators must provide fair games. We ensure a casino’s license enforces periodic game testing. We also analyze the game audit reports.
Players must not engage in NZ-based remote gambling. We do not recommend NZ-based online casinos, but focus on overseas operators instead.
Operators must only advertise gambling promotions according to a strict set of rules. Our website falls outside the scope of such rules, because we provide information on international casinos.

It’s important to note that choosing to gamble remotely with any of our partners is a decision that belongs to you alone. All platforms we recommend hold a valid and trustworthy gambling license.

We are committed to providing fully secure online casinos. Still, we cannot recommend online casinos licensed by the NZ Gambling Commission, as there is no such thing.

Legal resources

Our writers keep up to date with the latest developments in NZ gambling legislation and always consult the relevant legal resources when putting together their content:

Gambling Security Measures

We employ various security measures to protect our NZ players from online fraud, acting in the spirit of the Gambling Act 2003.

The rights of online casinos

  • As per the law, a casino operator may contest the licensers’ decisions in court.
  • The casino may change or update its Terms and Conditions without notice.
  • An operator has the right to choose their clients, online or offline.
  • The operator may exclude players from using their service at their will.

Despite the New Zealand Gambling Commission having no jurisdiction over international casinos, its recommendations are a valuable resource to us. We strive to find NZ casino operators that meet similar regulatory requirements.


Any platform we endorse must provide Alternative Dispute Resolution. We only select casinos which partner with reputable ADR agencies like eCogra. We also guide players through filing and solving their complaints in our reviews.

How to stay protected

We want our players to enjoy the offerings of our partners in a fully secure environment. That is why reviewing our partners’ approach to responsible gambling is a critical step in our review process.

Refer to our responsible gambling hub for a comprehensive list of helpful tips and institutions.

Useful resources on gambling addiction

Committed to Your Online Safety

NZ players’ online safety is fundamental to our founder, Ionut Catalin Marin, and that is evident from how we collect our subscribers’ sensitive data.

How we process cookies

As per the recent GDPR guidelines, we ask for your consent before using your data for non-necessary cookies. Our Cookies Policy shows our readers in greater depth what types of cookies we use and how we use them.

Your privacy matters to us

Handling players’ sensitive information fairly and securely is the cornerstone of our Privacy Policy. We do not share your ID, address, contact details or traffic data with third-parties, except in the ways expressly mentioned in the Policy.

Contact Us

If our Publishing Policy left any question unanswered, we’re more than happy to address them. Contact us at [email protected] with any general inquiry or feedback. Please write your problem or concern in shortened form in the mail subject line.

If you want to advertise with us, you can use the contact form provided, but first you should check our business principles to ensure we’re on the same page.