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We will share the criteria and requirements of the application for any potential partner of OnlineCasinos365.

You can read about who we are, what represents our general goals, and our methods of achieving them.

Another critical insight is the suite of standards we ask of our partners before and during our partnerships.

Who We Are

OnlineCasinos365 is an independent casino aggregator, reviewer and research hub covering the gambling market in New Zealand.

Our platform brings together a community of independent authors & editors from various disciplines and fields that share their expertise in a shared effort to inform the gambling customer.

Our publishing policy expands on our practices and guidelines for the content we share free of charge, intending to enhance the understanding of online gambling in New Zealand.

Our Principal Goals

All partnerships between the platform operators, independent contributors and potential partners must adhere to our main objectives.

We uphold the mission of creating a safe environment for our audience to play.

We have created a comprehensive guide that provides our customers with the necessary resources and information to increase their understanding of the iGaming market.

Given the noticeable lack of information available concerning the industry, we have compiled an extensive database to educate and guide our users.

Whom We Intend to Partner Up With

We will only enter into partnerships with operators and market agents that adhere to our core beliefs and share the same respect for customers.

Our values should be yours too

Transparency, security, independence, player protection, and a focus on creating a fun and fair experience are the core values for the development of our platform.

Any applicant for a partnership must hold and actively prove its adherence to these principles through a comprehensive policy and appropriate practices.

Fundamentals of Evaluating Partnership Applications

There are many aspects we take under advisement when considering new partnerships.

Licensing is Our Principal Priority

One of the critical factors we consider when evaluating a casino is whether it holds a current license from a reputable gambling authority.

We also ensure that the brand complies with the license’s regulatory framework.

Ensuring that a brand operates under a valid license and adheres to industry regulations is essential for protecting players and maintaining transparency in the iGaming market.

Our Due Diligence

Our expert contributors will perform justifiable checks that reasonably concern elements central to a fair policy.

As we consider an application, we will verify

  • the website’s terms and conditions,
  • any fees associated with funding the account or requesting a cashout,
  • the availability and efficiency of customer support,
  • and the support team’s effectiveness in addressing issues and handling complaints.

By examining these factors, we aim to provide our users with a comprehensive understanding of the brand’s suite of offers and ensure that they have a positive experience.

A brand becomes eligible for advertising with us by thoroughly evaluating these aspects. Please bear in mind that we will maintain this level of quality throughout our partnership.

Only gambling responsibly

In addition to these considerations, we will assess whether a potential partner has the necessary resources to prevent problem play and underage gambling.

As a company, we are committed to educating the next generation about the potential risks associated with the online gambling industry and strive to partner with brands that share this mission.

How to Reach Us

As we do not conduct our policies in direct collaboration with any online casino, all the information we provide about our partners is based solely on our independent assessments and reviews.

We are committed to maintaining the impartiality and integrity of our comprehensive presentations.

If you are interested in collaborating with us and respect our set of values and objectives, we invite you to contact us. You can find more information about our revenue model in our presentation on how we generate income.