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If you were looking for a one-stop destination for online casinos and bonuses in New Zealand, you’ve arrived at the right place.

Welcome to onlinecasinos365.com, your best source of NZ online casino reviews!

Why Onlinecasinos365?

  • 7+ years of experience: we started our UK project in 2016 and played for even longer.
  • Unique review approach: our review methodology with 8 rating criteria for NZ online casinos is unmatched in terms of thoroughness.
  • Transparency: we always clarify our methodology for arriving at particular rankings and recommendations to minimize the risk of misunderstanding.
  • Player security: our database only features legally operating, licensed and fair casinos.
  • Best value bonuses: we test each sign-up offer hands-on to ensure you get the best possible experience when registering.

A Bit of History: How It All Started

OnlineCasinos365 is the leading New Zealand online casino review website, owned and operated by Dopamine Gaming. The story of our business started in 2016 when our founder, Ionut Catalin Marin, launched the KingCasinoBonus UK brand – a free informational service dedicated to helping players find their best online casino with trustworthy reviews rooted in our experience.

Our author team has been growing from players like Ionut with one mission in mind.

We realized that the strategies marketers employ are not always in the player’s best interest, and that’s when the lightbulb went off!

Back then, finding a trustworthy and unbiased source of information was virtually impossible. Legislative loopholes made advertising gambling sites a tricky endeavour, especially for the player, who had no means to tell facts from misleading publicity.

So, we decided to change that.

From experience to online gambling expertise

While researching the industry and testing online casinos, we have gradually perfected our review methods and selection criteria, building genuine expertise in the process.

Year after year, we’ve grown from a group of seasoned players to the industry’s most reliable experts. We knew it would be a lot of work, but that didn’t stop us. The prospect that our experience as players could make a difference in the NZ online gambling community was simply too attractive.

Introducing Ionut Catalin Marin, our CEO

Ionut Catalin Marin, our Chief Executive Officer and founder of OnlineCasinos365. He is also the chief reviewer and manager of the Editorial Team for this informational project.

  • Background: With over 7 years of experience in the iGaming industry, Ionut leads Dopamine Gaming’s mission to provide transparent and objective online casino reviews. His insightful perspectives on the gambling industry have been cited by major publications including Yahoo Finance, MSN, TheStreet, and others.
  • Expertise: Ionut has an unmatched understanding of the gambling industry’s background and devotes himself to leveraging insights and outside advancements for the benefit of players. His leadership ensures OnlineCasinos365 stays diligently aware of industry intricacies and brings audiences the best solutions and alternatives tailored to their interests.
  • Responsible Focus: Since its inception, Dopamine Gaming has remained dedicated to delivering excellence and promptitude while empowering players’ control and safety, an often neglected aspect in this industry. Ionut Marin’s guiding principles involve the company’s constant adaptation to the industry’s changes and evolving challenges.
  • Achievements: Under Ionut’s direction, OnlineCasinos365 has established itself as New Zealand’s leading independent online casino review platform. Driven by his principled approach and dedication to the player experience, the company continues to grow and make a positive impact.

Ionut Marin stays diligently aware of the industry’s intricacies and is devoted to bringing our audience the utmost alternatives and solutions for your best interests.

Insights on Dopamine Gaming, Our Parent Company

Dopamine Gaming is a leading iGaming tech company that operates all websites on the KingCasinoBonus framework, including OnlineCasinos365. Our emphasis is on strong and safe gambling practices. Our company focuses on data and trends studies while prioritising usability and addressing common industry challenges.

With a team of over 50 gambling experts, Dopamine Gaming powers our proprietary review platform. It provides the advanced data analytics and AI tools we use to evaluate online casinos robustly and efficiently.

Our primary mission is to provide our esteemed users with technology-driven solutions to help our audience effectively approach the industry’s challenges.

More about Dopamine Gaming

  • Launched KingCasinoBonus in 2016
  • 50+ employees across engineering, product, marketing, and content
  • Proprietary tech stack and algorithms for online casino benchmarking
  • Real-time data aggregation from 100+ sources
  • Also owns subsidiaries KingCasinoBonus UK, CasinosOnline365 Spain, CazinoExpert Romania

Future plans

Shortly, we plan to launch the KingCasinoBonus Global framework to expand into serving players worldwide.

Dopamine Gaming takes great pride in delivering up-to-date and factual news and reports on the market’s latest innovations and regulatory developments. Regarding technological advancements, Dopamine Gaming is committed to keeping our audience engaged with the dynamic and challenging gambling domains.

We understand the importance of transparency and factuality, so our team comprises experts with extensive experience in the gambling industry and ethical standards.

Our Mission

Online Casinos 365 is determined to deliver high-quality gambling advice and casino lists. Ultimately, that will elevate all parties’ expectations, players and platforms alike, thus refining the New Zealand industry.

  • Promoting legit New Zealand online casinos: We promote legally operating NZ online casinos that truly stand out. Our marketing objective is to boost the popularity of legitimate online casinos and bring them to your attention. By that, we’re aiming to create a standard that all NZ casinos will eventually adopt.
  • Encouraging fair and responsible play: We show you how to choose your best online casino, but also how to use it. As passionate players ourselves, we know how tempting it is to gamble 24/7, chasing that elusive jackpot. Still, from experience, we know that fair and responsible play is the way.
  • Keeping true to our publishing principles: We write our content following a rigorous publishing code. Honesty in reporting, accountability and independence are just some of the principles that we write by. The types of content we provide, as well as the steps to create them, are outlined in our Publishing Policy.

Our Core Values

Integrity Ultimately, we can only prove our integrity with tangible results. Yet our clearly-defined review methodology is a reliable indicator of our disposition for honesty. While confidential, our deals are conditioned upon a casino meeting our stringent requirements.
Safety Our mission is to create a safer environment for NZ players, and the means to achieve that is by pushing legal operators to the forefront. New Zealanders will attain that sense of safety through our legitimacy analysis, focusing on licensing, game fairness, and reputation.
Independency Despite working as affiliates in the gambling industry, we employ various strategies to keep our reviews unbiased and free from misleading information. We are not owned by any of the casinos we endorse. Our service aims at helping you, the player, make better decisions.
Player control We’re not here to produce gambling addicts but responsible players who know the potential risks of online casinos. Maintaining irresponsible play habits can be as damaging as a platform with a dubious legal framework.

Our Integrity is Not for Sale

Onlinecasinos365.com is an independent resource for gambling advice and NZ casino comparisons. Our commitment to fair advertising is non-negotiable.

As we clarify in our Advertiser Disclosure, we may receive monetary compensation from our partners. However, we are not swayed by these compensations when writing our reviews.

Our content maintains the highest degree of objectivity, and our best online casino picks only reflect the opinions of our editorial team.

Who Do We Serve?

Our service exclusively addresses online casino players of legal age based in New Zealand.

Our Terms of Use are subject to the NZ gambling law. Therefore minors are prohibited from using our site. Remember that using our service means that you agree to our Terms.

Several subtypes of NZ players may be discerned within this broad category:

  • By experience: new players, experienced players
  • By budget: low rollers, high rollers
  • By gaming frequency: sporadic players, regular players, daily players
  • By game preference: pokies players, jackpot players, live casino players

Our site is a valuable resource for every type of player. We’re set to match you with your best online casino, no matter your preferences! If you want to learn more about us, you can always get in touch with us.

Reviews and Guidance at Your Every Step

In-depth casino reviews

We’re wholly transparent about how we review online casinos.

Our experts spare no effort to present a platform’s services comprehensively. Following an 8-step testing system, the online casino reviews we supply have the advantage of being devised by actual gamblers like you.

Compare NZ online casinos with our user-friendly tool. It’s the quickest way to find a suitable platform to play.

Bonus reviews

New Zealanders want the best online casino bonuses, and we’re here to serve you just that. Read our bonus reviews if you’re still wondering what makes us the best source for sign-up offers.

Expert insights

We aim to extract value from our experience as gamblers. Thus, our reviews are not restricted to supplying mere facts. We provide NZ players with the proper context and perspective so you can determine what’s best for your money at a glance. The wealth of factual information we deliver is equally matched with enlightening observations made by real experts.

Free guides and reports

Gambling is ultimately a matter of chance, but you can improve your odds when you know your NZ online casinos and games inside out. Prepare yourself with our free guides and make the most of your sessions.

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If we’re on the same page, we invite you to see what New Zealand’s best online casinos have to offer. We are confident in the quality of our selection, so scroll through the best offers, read our reviews and find the perfect fit for your needs.