Terms of Use


The purpose of the Terms of Use of OnlineCasinos365 is to provide the conditions and extent of utilization of the services and products provided on its platform.

By using the website and its resources, users hereby agree to the Terms and Conditions as stated below.

Note that the Terms of Use are subject to change at any time and without prior notice. Users are advised to consult the published policies regularly.

Who Should Use OnlineCasinos365

The products, resources, and platform under the domain name “OnlineCasinos365” are made available for customers of the legal age for gambling that reside in the jurisdiction where the affiliated programs are registered within.

Any mention of the platform, its name, functionality, and available content is made in reference to the “OnlineCasinos365” domain, its copyrighted material, or additional services supplied by the domain owner and partners under the same brand.

Intended for users of the legal age

As per the Gambling Act 2003, the regulatory law for gambling in New Zealand, the legal age for gambling, including online gambling, is 20.

This is the legal age for accessing the resources provided by OnlineCasinos365, in adherence to the Gambling Act 2003.

Intended for users from New Zealand

The services and products offered under the domain name of OnlineCasinos365 and similar variations are only available to customers from New Zealand.

All forms of content and advertising adhere to the local limitations of the supervised jurisdiction of New Zealand and its current rules and regulations.

Expected User Conduct

Users hereby agree to use the accessible content under the OnlineCasinos365 domain name solely for lawful purposes and in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Users are prohibited from engaging in unlawful activities or otherwise any instance that may lead to damages, interferences, or impairments of any tertiary party’s access and use of the accessible services, products, and content.

Attempts to damage, disable, impair, or interfere with the functionality of currently available content in order to disrupt access or engage in unintended use will lead to the termination of availability and further legal action.

Rule of Access

Users agree to solely access the domain cited above only insofar as they are of an age suitable for accessing gambling content and reside within a jurisdiction regulated by the New Zealand Gambling Act 2003.

Users are similarly responsible for ensuring that they are eligible to access gambling content. The service operator does not reserve any responsibility for making content available to knowingly ineligible participants.

Rule of Use

Users hereby agree to read the Terms of Use and proceed only in accordance with the policies outlined within its extent and any other binding document published on the domain cited above.

Failure to comply with any binding, regulatory, or informative document made available by the operator would result in the immediate termination of access to the platform and any related content.

Extent of Use

Users will use the platform and associated services only in accordance with their previously stated goals and modes of utilisation.

Attempts to interfere with the intended functionalities of the platform and its services, or to disrupt or alter the access and utilisation of third parties, would lead to the immediate termination of access to the outlet and any related content and subsequent legal action.


Users hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless the domain, its operators, agents, affiliates, and related third parties from any claims relating to damages, expenses, and losses arising from the use of the platform and associated services, as well as the breach thereof.

Users are solely responsible for any resulting damages, expenses, or losses, including but not limited to attorney’s fees.

Statement on Intellectual Property

The domain operator, its licensors, and related third parties own all of the content contained in the domain referenced above, including but not limited to text, graphics, logos, pictures, and software, and it is protected by copyright and all applicable intellectual property laws.

Users that use, appropriate, or similarly repurpose accessible copyrighted content infringe upon the Terms of Use by breaching Rule 3 of the Expected User Conduct related to the misuse of available content and services in the domain referenced above.

User-generated content

The domain owner referenced above is not responsible for any material freely published by independent users of its platform and services.

By using the services provided under the domain mentioned above, users agree to accept accountability for any material or information made public willingly, according to the current user data privacy policy.

Links Policy

The statements contained in this section provide the terms and guidelines for utilising the links presented on the pages, website, and domain referenced above.

The following statements are binding, and failure to comply on the side of users results in the breach of the Terms of Use and immediate termination of access.

Third-party links

Pages on the website related to the above-mentioned domain may include links to third-party sources. The operator is not liable for the actions of third-party websites that are linked to on published pages.

The user bears full responsibility for accessing and using third-party sources, regardless of whether said sources were linked to on pages hosted on the “OnlineCasinos365” domain.

Linking to OnlineCasinos365

Third-party platforms can publish links to the website operated under “OnlineCasinos365” insofar as their practices, statements, and content reflect the aims and objectives presented across official statement pages published on the website.

Where third-party sources fail to meet the conditions for connecting to the aforementioned website, the operator of “OnlineCasinos365” assumes no responsibility, and the link should be removed as soon as possible.

Disclaimer of Warranty

The website, services, and content under the above-mentioned domain name are provided on an as-is and as-available basis.

The operator makes no explicit or implicit claims or guarantees about our website or the information, content, materials, or products available.

The operator does not guarantee that the website will be available without interruptions or errors and will not be liable for any such disruptions or mistakes.

While it takes a vested interest in publishing correct, complete, and dependable content, the operator offers no definitive guarantees or claims on the state of shared materials.

The website is used at the user’s own risk. The operator makes no warranty that the website or any of its content, services, or features will be error-free or that any errors will be rectified.

Bonus accuracy

The operator is not responsible for any outliers, discrepancies or mischaracterisations related to promotional content from online casinos presented on its website.

Users should bear in mind that promotional content can change at any time. The materials they can access on the current website are a reflection of the assessed state of affairs at the time of analysis. The operator is not to be held responsible for further inaccuracies.

Review subjectivity

Users should bear in mind that content listed under the “casino review” name is representative of the analysis and perspective of our authors & editors.

Any such material is subject to interpretation, change, and retraction. The operator is not responsible for any discrepancies between the content published on the website and the state of any third-party domain.

Limitation of liability

The operator of the “OnlineCasinos365” domain is not liable for any damages arising from the access, use, or cessation of the two, including but not limited to direct, indirect, incidental, punitive, and consequential damages.


Errors in presented pages, services, or the website may occur at any time. The operator does not guarantee continuous access and functionality (as per Disclaimer of Warranty), nor does it hold responsibility for any issues or damages arising from such situations.


The operator is not responsible for damages or losses resulting from the presence of malware, which is proof of a breach of Expected User Conduct.

Disputes with Third-Party Operators

The operator is exempt from the consequences of third-party services, regardless of the relationship between the former and the latter.

If users find themselves in conflict with a third-party operator, the owner of this domain shares no shared liability, independently of the result of a subsequent dispute.

What to do if users have a dispute with the casino

In case users want to raise a complaint with a third-party operator, the owner of this domain provides a comprehensive guide to dispute placement and resolution. Customers are advised to consult its guidelines for the best results.

Updates to the Terms of Use

The current Terms of Use are subject to change at any time and without prior notice. Note that continuing to access and use the services made available via the “OnlineCasinos365” website represents the acceptance of the current agreement and any further changes.

Where prior notice is mandated by legal standards and requirements, the website operator will provide notification in due time, along with a request for reconfirming the agreement to the new Terms of Use.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction of New Zealand

It is crucial to remember that the terms and conditions of use, as well as any issues originating from or related to the use of OnlineCasinos365, are governed by New Zealand law.

Users acknowledge that any disputes arising out of or in connection with the website will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the legislative authorities courts of New Zealand by accessing this website.

Please take note that the rules governing online gambling differ by country, and it is the customer’s obligation to check that they are in compliance with the laws of their jurisdiction before using the operator’s website and services.

OnlineCasinos365 does not encourage illegal or underage gambling, and its operators strongly advise its customers to verify their local regulations before participating in online gambling.