Are Bonus Buy Pokies Really Worth Your Money?

Bonus Buy Pokies: Are They Really Worth Your Money?

Are you tired of playing pokies and going through cold streaks, with bonus features seeming out of reach? With bonus buy slots, you can cut the waiting time and go straight to the bonus round! Our experts broke down the pros and cons of the bonus buys, so you can see if they are worth a try.

The Appeal of Paying for Bonus Rounds

The Appeal of Paying for Bonus Rounds

While bonus buy real money pokies require an added upfront investment, they offer some genuine advantages that explain their huge popularity with players. Let’s dive into what makes paying for access so enticing.

Immediate Entry to the Free Spins Feature

Probably the biggest plus, and the reason why players like this features, is the instant gratification of bonus buys. Rather than hoping you will eventually trigger an extra round organically, you can access the free spins extra rounds at the push of a button.

This cuts out frustrating dry spells, and you skip right to the bonus round, which is quite engaging, especially after a cold streak.

Potential to Multiply Payouts Through Re-Triggers

Some bonus buy slots can make your gambling experience more exciting by allowing you to gamble the initial buy winnings for a chance to re-trigger the feature. So you play the bought extra round, collect your payout, then you gamble those winnings to potentially trigger additional buys.

This creates the prospect of chaining together multiple free rounds in a single session. Hitting re-trigger after re-trigger can build momentum and lead to bigger cumulative payouts. Just don’t lose sight of bankroll management when chasing re-triggers, and be aware the gamble feature can go wrong and make you lose all your winnings.

Trying Buy Features for Free First

A smart way to leverage bonus buys is by first testing their potential using demo modes. Most slots with buy options offer freeplay versions. This allows assessing which specific games deliver the biggest payouts from the bought extra rounds. It is important to find a real money casino that allows demo mode.

By identifying games with the highest upside, you can optimize use of paid bonus buys. You must take the try-out period with a grain of salt, however, and be aware that after trying out the slot in demo, you can go on a cold streak when using real money.

High Risk, High Reward Play

Experienced players also understand the double-edged sword of bonus buys being inherently high variance. While they come with big upside potential, bought bonuses can also produce brutal losses when luck goes cold.

Ultimately, you’re paying for access to a feature that is still completely random – the free spins outcomes aren’t guaranteed profitable just because you paid upfront.

For those comfortable with substantial risk, the thrill of bonus buys can be worth the up and down swings. Just be prepared for streaks of paid bonuses not being profitable, balanced by occasional payouts. Avoid chasing losses and stick to a gambling budget.

The Costs and Risks of Bonus Buy Pokies

The Costs and Risks of Bonus Buy Slots

While the thrills of bonus buys have their appeal, there are also downsides to consider before embracing them fully.

Repeated Buy Fees Have a Toll on Payouts

The most glaring disadvantage of bonus buys is the extra fee required to trigger them. While it may seem trivial, just 50x or 100x your bet, those costs add up substantially over hundreds of spins and buys.

By continually paying to activate extras, the house edge grows even larger compared to free and organic activations. While you skip dry spells by buying bonuses at will, some math indicates utilizing buys on every single spin greatly reduces theoretical payout rates.

Increased Tendency to Chase Losses

Another downside is how bonus buys can impact your balance if you get carried away buying feature after feature, regardless of actual payouts. Even with a reasonable budget, consecutive bonus buys generate losses rapidly.

Emotions and the desire for instant gratification also lead some players to chase losses by purchasing more and more extra rounds after repeated disappointments. This can end badly.

It’s critical to set a strict budget for buys and stick to it, rather than impulsively buy in hunt of a turnaround, which may not come as you wish. You might be tempted to think that bonus buy guarantee wins, and buy more to chase your losses, but it is not true.

Outcomes Are Still Random

To build on the previous point, buying access doesn’t magically guarantee positive outcomes in the feature. The spins and resulting payouts remain completely random, just as in the base game. You’re simply paying for the convenience of rapid access.

The machine doesn’t start rolling in your favor simply because you paid a fee. In many cases, bought rounds result in minimal payouts versus the buy cost. So while you avoid waiting around hitting dead spins, the bonus round carries no added inherent value beyond the instant entry.

Bonus Buy Slots 101

Bonus buy pokies add a unique feature to standard video slots – the ability to instantly gain access to the free spins bonus round by paying a small upfront cost. Rather than waiting indefinitely for the spins to trigger randomly, you simply hit the bonus buy button and pay the fee.

This distinguishes bonus buys from usual pokies where free spins occur purely by chance. Bonus buy variants add a player-elected shortcut into the feature for a price. This lets you skip long dry spells and play the lucrative spins at will, given enough bankroll.

How Do Bonus Buy Slots Work?

When playing a bonus buy slot, you’ll notice a distinct button reading “Buy Bonus” or similar. Clicking this brings up the fee you must pay to instantly start the free spins. Common costs range from 50x to 500x your normal bet amount.

For example, say a buy is 100x your current bet. If wagering $1 per spin normally, you would pay $100 to trigger the bought round instantly. This buys you immediate access instead of waiting to hit the spins randomly.

Once accepting the buy terms, the free spins begin as if naturally triggered. Payouts from the round play out normally. When the spins finish, regular gameplay resumes until you purchase access again.

Our Tips for Playing Bonus Buy Slots

Strategies for Playing Bonus Buy Slots

Since bonus buys have high volatility and risk, utilizing them strategically gives the best opportunity for profits. We curated a set of smart tips you can use, based on our 6+ years of experience:

  1. Establish a strict budget – Determine what percentage of your bankroll or total session bank you are comfortable allocating to buying bonuses. Find a reasonable range. Buy prices can add up rapidly, so set a cap. We know that bonus buy slots are thrilling, but keep in mind that the prospect of a large payout may lead to impulsive spending.
  2. Try freeplay mode – Most slots with bonus buys offer free play versions. Test these first to gauge which games deliver the payouts you want from purchased rounds before paid spins. While demo results aren’t necessarily predictive, you can get a feel for the slots where bonus buys hit frequently and those that consistently fall flat. Moreover, you find out what slot is more exciting in terms of themes before you start investing in it.
  3. Use casino offers when you can – If you want to graduate from the demo mode play, you can claim casino bonuses and use the funds to further test the slot, and see how it performs with the promotional funds. If you want the funds to go directly to your real money balance, you can look at no wagering bonuses.
  4. View buys as entertainment, not profit – Treat bonus buys as entertainment that adds some engagement beyond waiting for standard triggers. Enjoy the instant thrills when you buy access, but don’t assume you will see profit. Purchased bonuses remain highly volatile, like all slots. Have fun with the buy feature, but try to manage your expectations responsibly.

Are Bonus Buy Pokies Worth a Try?

In summary, bonus buy pokies provide a thrilling option to bypass cold streaks by purchasing an entry to the extra rounds. But the high cost of buys can rapidly accumulate and affect overall payouts.

Our experts think the pokies are worthwhile, as long as you are responsible with them, and you keep into account our strategies. You can try out the bonus buys with a lower risk, using LeoVegas Casino’s up to $500 welcome offer.