How to Spot Misleading Casino Bonus Offers: 5 Signs to Watch Out For

How to Spot Misleading Casino Bonus Offers

In recent years, there has been an increasing number of online casino bonuses available in NZ, and some unregulated casinos will slip in their misleading offers, prioritizing gains over player protection. Because now it is more important than ever to stay protected online, our experts will show you the 5 ways in which casinos can mislead their users, and what you can do to avoid the deception!

#1. Vague Information in Casino’s T&Cs

Vague Information in Casino's T&Cs

It is common practice for misleading bonus offers to bury key details relating to unfavorable conditions in a lengthy and vague fine print.

Do not rush or skim through bonus terms; pay close attention to important information like game exclusions, wagering requirements, payment option limitations, and minimum and maximum withdrawal.

Although most online casinos do not expect most players to read the terms and conditions, some summarize the information so players can get all the information they need at a glance. However, scam casinos use long terms & conditions that are intentionally not transparent to con players who skip this information.

For example, some casinos may intend for the wagering requirement to apply to both deposit and bonus amounts, hence the reason it may be small. However, the information isn’t emphasized, making players believe it applies to just the deposit. When they try to cash out they are told they have not complied with the terms and conditions.

This is not the player’s fault but the casino’s for intentionally not emphasizing how the wagering requirement works. In a case like this, it is advisable to seek clarity from the customer support center. However, if you feel this is still too unclear or vague, this is a clear indication to walk away.

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#2. False or “Clickbait” Advertisement

Some online casinos post sign-up bonuses ads on the internet, which are quite enticing to attract new players. However, once players click these links to the destination site, they encounter an entirely different offer or no offer at all. No good online casino posts fake signup bonuses to entice new customers.

A perfect example of this is a casino that offers 100% up to $200 and 500 free spins, all for a minimum deposit of $10. But when you check the bonus terms, you see that the minimum deposit only applies to the bonus funds, while a higher deposit is required for the spin.

Take this with a grain of salt, however. There are some casinos that offer high-value offers with such terms, such as the LeoVegas bonuses. However, with just a quick Google search, you can easily find out LeoVegas is a very known brand and trustworthy operator, that is even listed on the stock market.

But, as a general rule of thumb, when you encounter a gambling site with a bonus advertisement that does not relate to its bonus T&C, it is best to steer clear of such a deceitful website. Always look for consistency in both the marketing of the bonus and the bonus terms.

#3. Unrealistic Wagering Requirements

Unrealistic Wagering Requirements

This is the most common way bad types of online casinos mislead with deposit bonuses. Wagering requirement is how many times you must bet before you are qualified to cash out on winnings.

Many “Too good to be true” welcome bonuses tend to have a high wagering requirements, even some promos available at Zodiac Casino. This makes it extremely difficult or impossible to cash out your winnings or see any real money. These casinos set you up to fail. Another solid example is a bonus with a very short validity period. The idea behind this is to prevent the player from meeting the wagering requirements within the validity period.

Always ensure that your chosen bonus provides enough time to fulfill the bonus conditions before its expiration. Also, only accept offers with reasonable wagering requirements.

#4. Very Specific Game Restrictions

Many online casino bonuses restrict certain casino games especially those with lower house edges or higher RTPs. It is entirely okay if the casino clarifies and states game exclusions, but it can be rather misleading if they do not point this out in the bonus terms.

For example, a casino bonus may only be valid for playing slots, not table games like poker and blackjack. Always check for the games that contribute to the wagering requirement and any restrictions on the bet size.

#5. Unlicensed and Unregulated Casino Websites

Unlicensed and Unregulated Casino Websites

If you visit a casino website after clicking its promo offer link and discover it is unlicensed or if you find it difficult to find the website licensing information, you should leave that website immediately. Reputable casino websites are easily verifiably licensed by reputable third-party licensing bodies that are strict with their rules. These sites comply with strict measures to retain their licenses. You won’t find any funny business here or scams.

To put it all in simple terms, reputable casino sites proudly display their licensing information on their homepage. This information includes the license name and the licensing jurisdiction, which includes Malta, the UK, and Gibraltar. These regulators oversee the casinos’ activities and ensure they operate honestly and treat customers fairly.

If a gambling site is unlicensed, never trust anything it presents or tells you. Its bonuses can be fake, games can be rigged, and winnings probably do not even payout. Unlicensed casinos have a far higher chance of misleading players with their bonus offerings than licensed casinos.

How Can You Protect Yourself from Misleading Bonuses?

Our experts want you to be able to protect yourself from misleading casino bonuses, so they shared their best tips, accumulated over the 7+ years of being active in this industry, for you to use:

  • Check out what other users had to say about the site – The first thing you should do before claiming a bonus from a gambling site should be to look up their reputation online. Pay close attention to their online ratings and what many players have to say about their bonuses and platform generally. Players’ testimonials can be extremely useful for new players, but be aware, as some may be inaccurate or simply venting frustrations from a losing streak
  • Look at trustworthy online casino review platforms – To obtain a more objective and trustworthy evaluation, consider consulting reputable online casino review platforms, like ourselves. These platforms typically employ experienced writers who can easily identify misleading bonus offers within seconds of analyzing the terms and conditions. However, it’s essential to verify the credibility of these review sites and ensure that the writers are unbiased and dedicated to maintaining a safe and fair gambling environment, rather than being driven solely by profit motives. As a general rule of thumb, if you see links that take you out of the site everywhere throughout the content, you should stay away.
  • Read the bonus terms and conditions yourself – The most effective method to avoid getting misled and choosing bad online casino bonuses is to do proper homework before choosing. is to conduct thorough research yourself. Carefully read the bonus terms and conditions, paying close attention to specific game restrictions, wagering requirements, and any other limitations. If the casino lacks proper licensing or raises red flags during your research, it’s best to steer clear and avoid creating an account.