Best Payment Methods to Claim Bonuses

Best Payment Methods for Bonuses

There are many factors to consider when opting for an online casino bonus. For example, the payment method. We’ll briefly review the most common online casino payment methods that New Zealand players choose in this article.

Debit and Credit Cards are the Way to Go

Debit cards are the most popular payment method at every NZ online casino. Plenty of players prefer to deposit funds with their credit or debit card. It’s also the easiest method out there.

Cards from Visa and Mastercard are the most used, not only because the transaction time is pretty low, but it’s also safe. If you play with real money, you should expect to feel safe. It’s the bare minimum, after all. Ensure that you play at a licensed casino to stay on the safe side.

Therefore, if you want to use a payment method to activate your casino bonus, you’re free to choose a debit or credit card as your deposit method.

Why E-wallets Are Spiking in Popularity

Many people have chosen to transfer their funds to a digital environment as the world has gotten more and more digitalized. E-Wallets, more or less, are the future, and consumers have started to adopt this form of payment as their go-to.

By E-wallets, we refer to Paypal, Skrill, Poli, or Neteller. These are the most popular E-wallets, and most online casinos have them as a funding method. Paypal is the most popular. Without a doubt, it’s rarely hardly available in NZ, which is why Skrill casinos and Neteller steal the show.

Bank Transfer – Old but Gold

We used to do all of our transactions by bank transfer. We would deposit money and receive it into our accounts in a couple of days or more. It’s one of the safest payment options while not being the fastest.

It has both benefits and drawbacks. But if you are not in a rush, why not deposit funds at an online casino through a bank transfer? You’ll still receive your bonus, even though it will happen with a few days’ delay.

You must read the bank transfer payment details and limits and check the general casino terms and conditions just to be sure.

Cryptocurrency – a Rising Star

We mentioned before how digitalized our world has become. It has gotten to a point where we can even get digital currency. That’s the case with cryptocurrencies. The decentralized network on which they operate (blockchain) offers their users safety, anonymity, and speed.

However, one drawback of cryptocurrencies is that a coin’s value can drastically change. Therefore, if you deposit today $1 worth of cryptocurrency, the same cryptocurrency can be worth tomorrow only $0.5. It works the other way, too, as cryptocurrencies can rise in value.

Even though it’s not a payment method as popular as credit cards or e-wallets for casino deposits, it will catch up soon. If you want to activate your bonus, you can deposit cryptocurrency.

Mobile Payments – Still Rocking

If you thought that mobile payments have gotten out of style, you couldn’t be more wrong. We agree – they’re still not at the same level of popularity as they were a few years back, but people still use this method as a way of depositing funds online.

If you do not put a lot of emphasis on your phone bill, then you can use this as a method to put money into your online casino account. You’ll still get that bonus, do not worry!

Using your mobile phone to gamble can lead to unexpectedly high bills if you’re not careful. Another drawback of mobile gambling is that you might not be able to cash out your funds. You’ll have to choose another method, such as a credit card or an e-wallet.


Based on our OnlineCasinos365 reviews, these are the best payment methods for bonuses at online casinos. They’re the most widely known, and you can find them all at many casinos. Choose which one better suits your needs and claim your bonus. Be aware to read the terms to avoid any bonus abuse. Good luck!