Beating Jackpot Slots and Unlocking Their Full Potential

Understanding Jackpot Pokies and Strategies to Boost Your Chances

Want to improve your odds when playing the enticing jackpot pokies at your favourite NZ online real money site? Discover the strategies casino pros use to boost their chances when playing jackpot titles, and try them out during your next online gambling session!

What Are Jackpot Pokies?

Jackpot pokies are a type of slot that compensates its players with bigger amounts when they drop. The wins can span into millions of dollars when they come. Beforehand, it is important to get familiar with certain jackpot and slot terms to have a proper understanding of how jackpot pokies work. The terms include:

Jackpot Terms

  • Contribution: The contribution is the tiny amount of money that is generated from bets placed by players, and this is directed towards the jackpot.
  • Seeds: The seed is why it is easy to win a particular jackpot this second, and another player from another part of the world wins the next second. The jackpot is never seeded at $0. Once a player has won the initial one, the casino providers seed a certain amount that guarantees a winning.

Slot Terms

  • Reels: These are vertical symbols that slot machines have. Most online pokies come with five reels. Some could be seven or three.
  • Rows: These are horizontal symbols on the screen. A standard slot contains three rows that can be visible on the screen anytime.
  • Paylines: There can be a maximum of 243 paylines. These set of patterns go across the screen from left to right. This hosts a winning combination of matching symbols.
  • Slot Wins: It is important for you to form a winning combination. The symbols must be in adjacent positions on the active lines. How big your payout is would depend on the number of symbols on your combinations and the value each symbol provides.

What Are the Best Strategies to Boost Your Jackpot Winning Chances?

How to Boost Your Odds of Winning

Jackpots are games of chance, and there are no guaranteed methods to win. However, with some strategies in place, you can boost your chances.

  1. Bankroll Management: The importance of sticking to a budget should not be undermined. As a slot player, ensure that you stick to a budget, and you do not go beyond your bankroll. It is advisable you wager lower amounts. You can play on $5 casinos or even $1 websites and place the minimum bets to boost your odds of getting the jackpot.
  2. Game Selection: As a jackpot player, emphasis should be laid on the right game selection. Ensure you select the right games that most players tend to play, as well as the right online casino to play on. The odds of winning and the chances of hitting the jackpot all depend on that. You should choose a game with high RTPs, most of our real money pokie sites have an RTP over 96%.
  3. Bonuses: Try finding promotions that can help boost your bankroll with deposit matches. This will extend your playtime and also the chances of hitting the jackpot. Try our 400% matches for the biggest bonus rewards that will boost your casino funds. You can also find welcome bonuses that give you deposit matches and free spins on jackpots.
  4. Timing: The timing could play an important role in your chances of making a hit when trying to win. You should study the jackpot and play at off-peak hours when jackpots would likely hit.
  5. Repetition: The interesting thing about slot jackpots is that you tend to increase your chances of winning if you regularly play on the slot machine.

What Types of Jackpots Can You Play?

There are different types of jackpot pokies, and it is important for you as a player to know them and be able to identify them when you see them.

Jackpot Type Jackpot Type Characteristics
Local Jackpots This is a form of jackpot that is won by the accumulation of bets gathered at a particular online casino. The wins from the local jackpots may appear lower than the progressive jackpot due to its nature. This means you win more jackpots based on the amount of players who participate. For you to be lucky with your wins, it is advised to play in a casino that has more players, such as SkyCity Online Casino.
Progressive Jackpots This is the most popular type of jackpot and the most profitable. The size of the jackpot is drawn from a huge pool of bets placed by players. Whenever a player places a bet on a progressive jackpot game, say Mega Moolah and Hall of Gods, for example, a small percentage of the bet goes toward the pool, making the jackpot increase.
Fixed Jackpots Also known as the cash jackpot. This jackpot bonus is fixed, and no matter how many bets are placed, the value of the jackpot does not increase. There is already a fixed amount to be won by the casino game suppliers. This jackpot, in most cases, gets won daily, and there is always a countdown attached to it.

365’s Top Jackpot Pokies: Discover the Classics and Newcomers

Our team hand-picked the best progressive jackpot pokies in New Zealand. These games are developed by top providers consistently delivering some of the biggest payouts to NZ players thanks to their jackpots that rapidly escalate. You might have some great luck with free spins promotions on our website. Across our 100 spins and 50 spins, you might find one of your favourite jackpots and increase your chance of winning.

Our Top Picks_ Hot Jackpots in NZ

  1. Wheels of Wishes
  2. Mega Moolah
  3. Leprechaun Goes to Hell
  4. Trinity Reels
  5. Leprechaun’s Luck

365’s Verdict: Are Jackpot Slots Worth Your While?

While jackpot pokies provide the great prospect of outstanding payouts, they are not without their downsides. The odds of actually hitting those mega jackpots remain slim, though regular smaller jackpots keep gameplay exciting and offer better odds. And while no perfect winning strategy exists, there are a few things to consider before wagering your funds.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Can have high jackpot payout There are lower odds of winning
Offers good entertainment value There is no perfect winning recipe
There are varieties of games that offer jackpots