How to Self-Exclude From Online Casinos

How to Effectively Self-Exclude from Online Gambling Sites

In the last two years, the number of people who gamble has increased by 44%. This is because online gambling platforms have become more accessible to the average person. However, when gambling habits get out of hand, it’s time to take proper action. Find out how to self-exclude from our experts!

Responsible Playing: The Steps for Self-Exclusion from Gambling Websites

Responsible Playing The Steps for Self-Exclusion from Gambling Websites

Every online gambling website where people gamble offers players the avenue to self-exclude from wagering. However, only some players know about this feature and how it works. Here, our gambling specialists will teach players how to exclude themselves from the platform where they usually gamble.

Step #1: Acknowledge You Have a Gambling Problem

While you can earn real money when you play, it becomes a problem when you do not have control of your gambling. The first step is for people to acknowledge they are struggling with their gambling. Below are some signs that you are adversely affected by gambling:

  • Using gambling as a form of stress reliever
  • Spending money assigned for other things to gamble
  • Feeling restless when you do not gamble for long periods
  • Need to spend a lot of money while gambling to get “the thrill”
  • Being unable to stop gambling even when you make conscious efforts to do so
  • Losing relationships and life-changing opportunities due to gambling
  • Always chasing losses and trying to recover your money while gambling
  • Unable to set and stick to a limit while gambling
  • Borrowing money or taking loans to place a bet.

Step #2: Write Down all the Online Gambling Sites

Now that you understand and admit that you have lousy gambling habits, you must take steps to get a remedy. The first step to help yourself is to eliminate the triggers. For most players, easy access to online casinos encourages them to gamble.

To remove this factor, players need to identify all the wagering websites they usually visit. Outlining the websites you frequently wager on makes it easier to cover your gambling area. This is also applicable to land-based casinos.

Step #3: Get in Touch with Customer Support

After you identify the casinos where you usually go to gamble, you can contact customer service. You can contact gambling service providers and the additional codes through their gambling helpline on 0800.

This is the best way to begin your exclusion, and you should refrain from unofficial or different self-exclusion programs, which are not recommended for people who are struggling. You will be first instructed to withdraw your balance via your bank account, and here we recommend fast-withdrawal payment options, like Neteller. Then, the process will begin.

Step #4: Thoroughly Read the Self-Exclusion Terms

While allowing customers to self-exclude, the gambling providers must provide customers with the casino terms and conditions. Players should thoroughly read and understand these requirements before they go ahead. This will help them adhere to the statuses for as long as necessary.

Step #5: Select the Self-Exclusion Scheme Period

Part of the conditions require that players voluntarily undergo exclusion for a specified time. This period typically ranges from 6 to 12 months. However, people can get a longer or shorter period.

Step #6: Confirm Your Choice

After choosing the period you will self-exclude, the customer service rep will ask for confirmation. You can review your choices and confirm your decision. Once you do this, the gambling service provider will lock your account for the chosen time.

Step #7: Seek Professional Help

After taking a voluntary ban, the next step is to seek professional help. Register with a professional and get proper counsel. The counsellor will help you identify what triggers your unhealthy gambling practice.

After understanding what causes you to gamble, they can identify measures you can take to manage and improve your condition. This includes suggestions like banning yourself from venues like clubs that offer free gambling services. They may also suggest using blocker software to restrict the person from all gambling venues.

Step #8: Take Control of Your Actions

While getting professional help, people must do more than ban themselves from gambling. They must establish healthy lifestyles and get proper hobbies like sports and exercising. These individuals should also get closer and create better relationships with their family members.

Step #9: Join an Anonymous Support Group

Many people find support groups helpful for any type of dependence. Being addicted to gambling is no different, so you can try going to this type of meeting and sharing the burden with other people who went through the same problems as you did.

The NZ toll-free phone number to reach the Gambling Helpline is 0800 654 655. They can give you more information regarding ways you receive help.

Pros and Cons of the Self-Exclusion Program

There are several advantages and disadvantages of the self-exclusion program. Some of them include those outlined below:

Advantages Disadvantages
Self-exclusion allows problem gamblers to recover at a steady and self-dictated pace. Poor monitoring and follow-up can lead to a relapse.
People have a 90% chance of recovery when they block access to gaming centres. Paying extra for Gamblock, Gamstop, or other blocking software can be discouraging.
The self-exclusion program is a great way to learn about responsible gaming. Since people are recovering at their own pace, the recovery process may be slow and take longer.
The self-exclude method is confidential and protects the integrity of the gambler. Not all online casinos offer the chance to self-exclude.

Most Popular Responsible Gambling Tools Among Casinos

  • Gamban: People struggling with terrible wagering habits can benefit from this tool. It blocks websites and apps that offer casino and sportsbook services. Studies have shown that this tool has a 90% chance of improving people’s gaming activities.
  • Gamstop: This tool is perfect for anyone struggling with the self-exclusion process. It helps to block online gambling webpages and apps where players usually spend their time. The aim is to deter people by making them unable to access their online accounts to gamble.
  • Gamalyze: This AI gambling tool analyzes your gambling style and tries to draw patterns. The device uses machine learning to gauge how you respond to situations when you gamble. Analyzing your responses in different situations can ascertain if you have healthy wagering gambles.

Self-Exclusion Success: Sustaining Your Status

The most essential part of self-exclusion is recovering and regaining control of your gaming habits. Players must adhere to the abovementioned measures to get the best results and avoid relapsing by joining gaming centres or sites again.

This is such that they can wager responsibly when they return to the area of the venue or on a site when playing games. Ultimately, gambling providers must give customers responsible gaming tools, so choose the most trusted ones.