4 Essential Tips to Start Playing Roulette

How to Play Roulette?

Did you know 58% of beginners try out roulette but aren’t familiar with the rules? Dive into your first roulette session with all the basics and advanced tips and tricks that will take your gameplay to the next level. Our OnlineCasinos365 four essential roulette tips cover bets, strategies and all you need to get started!

1. Understand the Allure of Roulette

Roulette is a game where luck plays a big part in the outcomes. It was founded in the late 1700s in Paris with lent money by a corrupt duke. It used to be called the Devil’s wheel because the numbers add up to 666, and mysterious people like By the start of the 20th Century, started gaining a lot of fans all across the globe.

This game aims to roll a ball and predict where it will land on the wheel. You can bet on several things, such as:

  • A number, whether it be a single number or a combination of numbers
  • A colour, like red or black
  • High-value numbers or low-value numbers

To reach a roulette outcome, you need to place your chips on the roulette table and wait for the ball’s roll result. It is purely a game of chance. However, experts like to use some of their strategies and tricks to make luck fall their way and have a better gaming experience.

2. Which Roulette Variant Should You Play?

Types of Roulette

There are primarily three variations of roulette, all of them different to each other in their own way. Those three types are American roulette, French roulette and European roulette.

Let’s discuss what each variation offers and how they differ so you can decide on the one best for you before choosing an NZ live dealer casino site.

What is American Roulette?

An American roulette wheel has a total of 38 pockets. The first 36 pockets are coloured in red and black, while the other two pockets are coloured in green. Those two extra pockets are marked with ‘0’ and ‘00’, respectively, and are one of the primary reasons American roulette differs from French or European roulette.

What does European Roulette Look Like?

Unlike American roulette, European roulette is closer to the classic version of the game. There are 37 pockets on the wheel and no ‘00’ markers. The rest of the pockets are the same, with red and black colours across all of them. The chances of winning a game of European roulette are higher due to the smaller number of pockets.

American vs Roulette Odds

Different types of roulette games have different bets, which come with different odds. It is key to understand these odds before you jump in on a game of roulette so that you can manage your bankroll better and be safe while playing the game. Outside bets usually come with odds of 1:1, and with inside bets, these odds can range between 6:1 and 35:1.

American and European roulette come up to something like this:

Bets American Roulette European Roulette
Even money bet 46.37% 48.6%
Column bet 31.58% 32.4%
Dozen bet 31.58% 32.4%
Straight up bet 2.63% 2.7%
Split bet 5.26% 5.51%
Street bet 7.89% 8.11%
Corner bet 10.53% 10.81%
Double street bet 15.79% 16.22%
Top line bet 13.19% N/A

What is French Roulette?

French roulette is more or less the same as European roulette, the only difference being that there are two more rules; ‘En Prison’ and ‘La Partage’. This is the one we most highly recommend due to the better odds.

  • En Prison rule states that if you bet a sum of even numbers, then the money remains on the table until the next spin of the wheel. If you win that spin, you will get back your stake.
  • La Partage rule states that if you bet an even number, then the stake gets divided in half between you and the house.

3. What Is the Right Way to Play Online Roulette?

Next, we discuss how to actually get into a game of online roulette and all the steps to play the game.

  1. To begin, choose the category of roulette you want to play, select the payment method, and choose an online gambling site that has the game options you prefer.
  2. As an optional step, you may claim some promotions for new players when registering.
  3. Then, select the number of chips you want to play with and put them on the bet you would like to make.
  4. Then, it is time to spin the wheel! There is no specific time limit when you rotate the digital wheel in online roulette. This implies that you have the freedom to turn it whenever you deem yourself prepared, initiating the virtual ball’s spin.
  5. Eventually, the wheel stops spinning, and the system uses RNG to give you an outcome. Depending on those results, you can decide if you want to continue playing the game.

4. What Is the Best Strategy to Win at Roulette?

Our Advice on Winning a Game of Roulette

As mentioned above, even though roulette is purely a game of luck and chance, experts in the game like to use some of their own strategies so that they can perform better and win more money as a result.

So before you select the latest online casino to play at, here is how you can win more in online roulette:

Our Choice? Always Give Preference to European Roulette

We have already mentioned this, but European roulette is the best for earning big money with relative ease. European roulette wheels have 37 pockets, which is less than an American wheel’s 38, and it does not have the additional rules that come with French roulette.

Playing European roulette gives you a better chance of winning, as the house edge on it is around 2.5%, and the lower the house edge, the higher the chance you have of receiving a positive outcome. Choosing a single-zero roulette variant also helps when applying Martingale and other progressive staking betting systems.

How Do Outside Bets Work?

If you are new to online roulette, you should start with outside bets. These bets provide better odds than most other bets. The way to place outside bets is to bet on either a set of numbers or colours rather than just betting on any of them.

For example, you can place a bet on odd or even, red or black or on any range of numbers such as 1-19. This way, you stand a better chance at winning money, although the payout you get is not very high. Outside bets are the best choice if you want to play it safe.

How to Combine Bets

Once you get the hang of the game, you can try your hand at combination bets. A combination bet involves placing stakes on individual numbers in multiple capacities. You can bet on three or four different numbers if a corner touches all of them.

These bets are the opposite of outside bets because they offer high payouts but come with more risk. The amount you need to wager to place such bets is also high, but if you want to secure more earnings in the long term, this is a great of doing so.

Enjoy the Roulette Experience – Not Only the Game

The fascinating game of roulette has a history that spans centuries, from the streets of Paris in the 1700s to mobile screens today. The dance of chance inherent in each spin makes us all come back. But now you can enter online roulette casinos with an attitude, armed with essential knowledge and strategies. Beat the live dealer or lose; you should enjoy each wager responsibly.