How to Withdraw Without Fees at NZ Casinos

How to Withdraw without Fees to your NZ Bank Account

As an online gambler, you might not enjoy paying transactional fees on your favourite casinos. Some strategies can help you make sure the winnings you generate reach you in their full amount. Don’t let operators take part of your winnings. Use these tactics to make the most out of your experience!

Key Strategies You Can Use to Never Pay Fees

There are ways to get your funds out from real money online casinos without incurring fees, and there are also ways to make the withdrawal tax as little as possible. The following withdrawal method strategies could help you maximise casino winnings.

Key Strategies You Can Use to Never Pay Fees

Choosing the Right Bank

There are banks in New Zealand that offer zero fees on all transactions. They offer bank checking accounts that are entirely free for users. As a New Zealand online casino player, making a deposit or a withdrawal request should be easier using these banks.

To ensure you will not be taxed for your iGaming transactions, check with your banking provider through any customer support options they offer.

Know the Terms & Conditions of Your Operator

Knowing if your preferred payment method is accepted on the online platform you wish to gamble is crucial. To achieve this, you can familiarise yourself with how terms and conditions are written and understand if your banking option is accepted for deposits and withdrawals and if it incurs any fees on the website.

Using E-wallets for Casino Transactions

E-wallets, also known as digital wallets, offer an electronic means of payment that ensures seamless, safe and swift deposit and withdrawal processes. Casinos offer this form of payment as it is, in most cases, free and instant. E-wallets come in various shapes and types, and you can decide which to use based on your personal preferences.

The exciting part about using e-wallets is that many do not incur charges. E-wallets in New Zealand include POLi, Apple Pay, Skrill, and Google Pay.

Rest assured, your funds are safe, and even though some casinos may have a withdrawal limit set on certain e-wallets, it is always advisable you read the terms before use.

Playing on Casinos With Fees

If your favourite casino charges you for withdrawals and you don’t want to try another operator, you can try different strategies to keep your winnings as intact as possible. For example, some websites will charge you an increasing fee depending on the amount you request to cash out, therefore, you can request smaller payouts to avoid the larger tax.

We know it’s very hard to find gambling operators that don’t charge fees on withdrawals. However, there are top casinos that allow multiple cash-out methods without charging you extra, and these are our top suggestions and their defining features:

These New Zealand casinos provide popular payment methods such as Visa, Skrill, Paypal, Apple Pay, EcoPayz, Neteller and many more.

E-wallets vs. Bank Payments

E-wallets vs. Bank Payments

Many New Zealand online casinos have adopted the use of e-wallets as a form of payment. That does not leave aside the use of traditional bank payments. The electronic wallet has a faster withdrawal time and appears to be easier to use and faster. The fees incurred by these wallets differ among casinos.

Bank payments, on the other hand, may take longer, and you can be sure of getting your money in a few days. There are also banks that would incur lower commissions, especially when you are sending the money locally and not to an international account.

E-wallets Bank Payments
Funds get processed almost immediately Accepted by almost all operators
Deposits and withdrawals come with 0 or lower fees It’s the safest option
The diversity of options is larger Payout processing usually takes longer

Best E-wallet Bonuses for NZ Players

On our website, you can learn all about the most popular methods used to claim bonuses. If you want to try out new gambling platforms without any fees and great promotions, these are some of our top suggestions for you:

What to Look Out For When Considering a Withdrawal Method

What to Look Out For When Considering a Withdrawal Method

Modern online gambling websites have introduced a multitude of popular payment options to suit the needs of NZ players better. To fully benefit from the perks of these banking options, you need to be aware of several terms and conditions found on all casino operators.

  • Withdrawal Limits: Ensure the withdrawal limit suits your needs. You can even find platforms without a cap.
  • Processing Time: Make sure you find an online casino with fast processing times to prevent dissatisfaction.
  • Associating Fees: Before you make any transaction on your newly discovered website, make sure your banking provider doesn’t have any hidden fees on this website
  • Payment Methods Available: Make sure the banking section of your favourite casino allows you to use your preferred payment option. You can also check if the minimum deposit required matches your needs.

Don’t Let Fees Drain Your Winnings

The dilemma of losing a percentage of your winning on withdrawal fees at online casinos is quite problematic, and our strategies can help you solve the issue. It’s crucial you don’t make a rushed decision when requesting a cash-out, make sure you read the terms and conditions thoroughly. Know if your favourite payment method has taxes or if it increases with the amount. Claim your money in smaller increments to prevent paying larger commissions.

Try out e-wallets, they generally come with great perks and save you a lot of time and money. But don’t worry if you don’t want to, traditional payments still work very well and will not let you down.