AI Dealers - The Future of Live Casino Games in New Zealand

AI Dealers in NZ Live Casinos

Ever played a live casino game with an AI dealer? Are you worried they might replace real dealers? Our OnlineCasinos365 experts uncover the truths of the matter so you know what to expect from these types of games, if the industry will be affected and the benefits and downsides of AI dealers in live sessions.

How Does AI Work in Live Casinos?

You’ve probably heard about GhatGPT already, and you saw that it’s just a language model-based chatbot. So, how can the gambling industry connect to artificial intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence has advanced rapidly in recent years. The best part is that the gambling world now sees AI enter online casinos as virtual dealers for live table games. They’re computer-generated croupiers interacting with and dealing with players in real-time.

What are AI Casino Dealers?

AI casino dealers refer to computer-generated employees who use artificial intelligence to mimic human croupiers in online live table games. Sounds easy, right? Let’s see what are the main characteristics:

  • AI dealers are virtual avatars created through advanced animation, machine learning, and speech recognition.
  • As a human dealer would, they interact with players through conversational voice, gestures, and animations.
  • Using optical character recognition and automation, they handle game functions like dealing cards, managing bets, and recognizing game outcomes.
  • AI dealers provide an immersive experience that replicates the action of real-life casinos.

How do Advanced AI Dealers Work?

The most advanced AI dealers use several different technologies to create an authentic human dealer simulation:

  • The AI uses computer vision to analyse real-time table gameplay to detect bets, cards, and outcomes.
  • Natural Language Processing allows conversational interactions, expressing personality and speech recognition.
  • Advanced graphics and animations create lifelike movements, expressions, and gestures.
  • Machine learning algorithms enable the AI to improve interactions through experience over time.
  • Integrations with live video streaming show the AI dealer in action at virtual tables.
  • One of the best features that helps casinos in a way never seen before is that cloud computing provides the immense processing power required for complex functions.

These technologies allow AI dealers to see, speak, move, and expertly manage gameplay while interacting with many players simultaneously.

What Benefits & Downsides Can AI Live Dealers Present?

Discover the Pros and Cons of AI Dealer

Like every groundbreaking technological tool, AI dealer technology brings immense potential and some drawbacks. Let’s explore the potential pros and cons.

Potential Benefits for Players and Casinos

For players, AI dealers add more immersion and social dynamics to live online play. For online casino sites, virtual dealers lower costs and increase game availability. Let’s take a closer look at the key benefits:

  • Because Artificial Intelligence doesn’t need shifts or lunch breaks, the game availability can become endless, and the casinos will lower the costs to pay salaries to real employees.
  • AI can serve more tables simultaneously.
  • You’ll see visual enhancements like showing game stats that were not possible with human dealers.
  • You’ll be much entertained with the possibility of customizing the dealer, like selecting dealer avatar personality and voice. All in all, the usage of deep fake can improve the entertainment aspect of the game. Can you imagine Elvis saying, “All bets are off”? Or the Monopoly mascot?
  • The casinos will lower the costs of maintaining human croupiers
  • AI-powered algorithms can enhance game fairness by ensuring random outcomes. Additionally, transparency is improved as players can access detailed records

Drawbacks to Consider

However, there are multiple issues in the usage of AI in online gambling. For example, one of the key debates is the loss of human interactions. Some Kiwis players value the personal touch of human dealers, and AI cannot replicate the social aspect of traditional casino gaming. Another widespread debate is the ethical implications of employing AI as live casino dealers.

Is it ethical to replace human croupiers with machines, and what impact does this have on employment in the gambling industry? Besides the ethical problem, most gambling sites can stumble upon many technical issues when using AI, leading to catastrophic outcomes of losing funds or even customers.

Let’s see briefly what can go wrong:

  • Initial development costs are very high for quality AI dealers
  • You can stumble upon technical glitches that will disrupt gameplay more often than with human dealers
  • Some players will prefer the social nuances only human croupiers can provide, which means that casinos must implement variety, letting customers choose between AI and humans.
  • Casinos must spend more funds implementing this feature if this is the case.
  • Extensive testing is required to ensure fair, random, and correct play, which means that it will boost the costs that casinos will have to face

How Do AI Dealers Affect the Industry?

Impacts on the AI Live Dealer Experience

Let’s answer some questions regarding the impact on the live dealer casino. We try to give you the best objective answers to this subject.

How could AI dealers enhance immersion?

AI dealers can enhance immersion in live casino games through several mechanisms:

Realistic Avatars Artificial Intelligence can create highly detailed and lifelike avatars to represent the dealers. They can mimic expressions, gestures, and movements, making a more authentic experience
Emotional Intelligence AI can be programmed with emotional intelligence algorithms to understand and respond to the emotional cues of the players. For example, if a player is excited or frustrated, the AI dealer can adapt its responses and interactions accordingly
Virtual Reality Integration Combining AI with VR technology can take immersion to the next level. You can wear your VR headset to enter a live session where you can see, interact, and hear the AI dealers with highly realistic graphics.
Language and Cultural Adaptation AI dealers can communicate with players in their preferred language and adapt cultural nuances, which can boost the immersion
24/7 Availability Non-human dealers can operate round the clock without the need for breaks

Will AI ever fully replace human dealers?

Based on ethical and employment considerations, AI is unlikely to fully replace human dealers in the live casino industry. Besides that, some regulatory bodies have strict regulations that require the presence of human dealers in casinos.

In the meantime, you can check the best NZ live dealer casinos with fully human interactions:

  • SkyCity Casino has some of the best live roulette tables, including Immersive Roulette and Lightning Roulette. If you are a new player in the live casino games and need to learn how to play roulette, look at our complete guide.
  • JackpotCity is another top live dealer casino powered by Evolution – we recommend it for live blackjack players, who can enjoy titles like Live Eclipse Blackjack and Live One Blackjack with bets starting at $1.

When will Kiwis see AI dealers at NZ casinos?

With baby steps, NZ punters will see and feel the presence of AI in the live dealer sessions. Various factors, including regulatory approval and the preference of casinos, can influence the adoption of AI dealers in casinos.

So, as you know, some casinos have already implemented AI in live poker sessions if the table doesn’t have enough players, but that’s a rudimentary tool.

When we refer to live chat, numerous gambling sites have implemented artificial intelligence, but again, the algorithms are simple, based on FAQ.

Another gambling sector where AI has been implemented is the possibility of unlocking your account via biometrics (facial recognition and fingerprint). To boost your knowledge on this matter, check out our blog page on biometrics in online casinos.

Which NZ Casinos Have the Best AI Integration?

Before seeing the fully integrated AI in live dealer games, check some legit NZ casinos with integrated AI into the chat support.

Casinos to Consider with Best Integrated AI

Dunder Casino – Besides the fact that you’ll find over 70 live dealer games, this casino has one of the best chat support BOT that will help you through your questions. If you are a mobile pokie gamer, then you’ll find the Dunder promotional offer a stand out – if you deposit $20, you’ll get 100% up to $50 and 50 free spins with an easy wagering of 30x.

Casino ActionOn this website, if you’re a loyal player, you’ll have the chance to receive points that will help you climb the VIP ranks. If you achieve a high level, you’ll have AI personal support. Besides these rewards, this casino will give you a welcome package from your first five deposits. Just deposit $10, and you’ll get $1250. Note that the first and second deposit are bound to 200x rollover while the rest are only 30x. This kind of bonus will suit you best if you are an experienced player who can handle high wagering requirements.

Can AI Live Dealers Be Game Changers?

Artificial Intelligence live casino dealers are not merely a gimmick but a significant game-changer in the gambling landscape. You’ll encounter efficiency, fairness, and cost-effectiveness.

However, it is essential to recognize that they do not eliminate the value of human interaction and pose ethical considerations. From our perspective, the future likely lies in a balanced coexistence of AI and human dealers, offering players a spectrum of choices that cater to their preferences.